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5 Things A Director Should Never Do On Set — Chloe Carroll

Film Courage: What are five thing a director should never do on set? Chloe...

What I Misunderstood About Being A Director — Aleem Hossain

Film Courage: What has been the hardest part of filmmaking you’ve had to learn?

Hollywood Directors Have These 3 Skills – Frank Coraci

Film Courage: What did making a movie teach you about filmmaking and the business?

What Directors Should Know Before They Start Making A Movie – Jason Satterlund

Film Courage: What are the first few things you do when making a movie?

Advice To First Time Directors On Directing Actors — Andrew Guerrero

Film Courage: Did you learn any lessons on directing actors that would be helpful for other first-time directors?

What Makes A Great Movie Director? — Bruce Logan

Film Courage: What do you think makes a great director? Bruce Logan, Writer/Director/Cinematographer: Well for...

This Is How A Director Can Ruin An Actor’s Performance by Chloe Carroll

Film Courage: What were things you learned in acting school that you thought might be helpful if...

How To Write And Direct A Great Movie by Michael Hauge and Mark W....

Film Courage: Can you explain the collaboration process between writers, directors and producers? Mark...

What A Director Needs To Know Before Taking The Job by Daniel Stamm

Film Courage: We had a comment on our channel the other day and it lends itself to...
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