How Much Of The Ending Should A Screenwriter Know Before They Start Writing? — Van Ditthavong

Film Courage: Is it important to know the ending before you start writing your screenplays?

Van Ditthavong, Filmmaker/Photographer: I would love to know the ending all of the time. Sometimes I have it and sometimes it changes. I would love to know as many parts of the puzzle as I can. Sometimes you discover it and it goes another way. I think that’s the beauty of sitting down and chipping things away because it might make more sense. A lot of times it anchors things and having an ending where you are concrete about it helps. But then you might fall in love with the characters and you don’t want it to end that way, so again trying to be flexible with that is good in my opinion but knowing the ending would be awesome and sometimes I have that in my head and then you play around with the themes and then you follow the themes and hopefully you can direct everything toward the end. That would be my process. I don’t know what works all the time.

Film Courage: But as a rule it sounds like you don’t always have to know the ending before you begin something?…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).

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