How To Write A Relatable Character — Orson Oblowitz

Film Courage: Knowing that you love these characters with edges how did you make them still make them redeemable, likable in some way. Maybe they are not even likable but somehow the audience is not going to give up on them?

Orson Oblowitz, Filmmaker/Photographer: Because they are humans, they are just like you and me, that’s the point. If you can just get the point across that these people all sleep, they all eat, they all breathe oxygen, if you can just get that little point across I think we can all relate to that. It’s so silly but I’ve always thought about that because I do like these characters that are a little off, that sometimes do make bad decisions instead of good decision but I think if you also show them they’re humans, they struggle with so many of the same things we struggle with. How they are going to pay their rent they struggle with? How did their parents love them? they struggle with all of these very human factors. If you can just show a little of that I think we can’t help but relate to them.

I try to show people also small details in their personal life. A lot of this new movie is a guy sitting by himself in a room eating and watching TV because we all sit in a room and eat. We all sit by ourselves and watch. We all have trouble sleeping, we all have nightmares. These little things so I think that’s how you just humanize them through reality.

Also in your more surreal movie you kind of take that approach where you show there’s a certain humanity behind that bad decision making, behind the kind of acting in bad faith type of decisions. That’s it for me, if you can just get the point just for a moment across you can get away with whatever you want. There are a lot of irrepressible characters in cinema that I love. BAD LIEUTENANT, right? BAD LIEUTENANT’s Harvey Keitel is the great example of it in that film but…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).








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