Screenwriters Don’t Be Shocked If A Producer Only Reads The First Page Of Your Script - Naomi Beaty

Film Courage: Do you think the first sentence or scene in a screenplay is important as it might be in a novel?

Naomi Beaty, Writer, Screenwriting Teacher and Consultant: That’s a good question. I haven’t thought about it but I would say no. Only because I think in a novel…well I don’t know? When you’re reading a novel you’re going to give it more than one sentence right? I mean if you’ve picked up a novel to read you’re probably pretty interested in it already.

In a screenplay I have heard it depends on the situation. If I am reading this entire script and I already know I’m reading it front to back then that first sentence if it’s clunky I’m going to give it a little leeway. I’m going to give it another chance right? I’m going to keep reading regardless.

I have heard some people say that they can tell if they are going to keep reading a script from the…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).

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