How To Run A TV Writers Room — Life Of A TV Writer — Bruce Ferber [FULL INTERVIEW]

Film Courage: Are you a natural-born writer?

Bruce Ferber, Author/Former Showrunner/Screenwriter: I don’t know what a natural-born writer is? I felt like I wanted to write for a long time when I was maybe even in middle school and then high school. I didn’t know if I couldn’t be writer but I my first inkling that I had talent as a writer was I went to a summer school at Andover Academy in Massachusetts. I was a public school kid all the way but my parents sent me to this fancy private school for a summer program and everybody had to take English Composition classes. The teacher of my particular English Composition class had us write our own poetry and stories and this guy said You know you’re a writer and you should keep doing this. I just listened to that and little by little it started to come out.

Film Courage: Did you go home that day and proclaim to your parents?…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).


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