Coverage, Ink’s PANDEMALOGUES Scene Writing Tournament Is On Now. Entry Is Free!

The Pandemalogues by Coverage, Ink is a unique, fun, new, weekly writing tournament. We give you a scene prompt. You then have a short period of time to write your best interpretation of that scene prompt and e-mail it back to us as a PDF. Every submission receives feedback, and you can win prizes, but it’s really about firing up your creative juices and having a little fun in the midst of this insanity. 

You can set your scene in any genre or time period; your characters can be humans, inanimate objects, paramecium — whatever you like. You’ll get points for originality if you do. But you must nail the prompt! 

The Pandemalogues Scene-Writing Tournament on Coverage, Ink runs through May 13th. Your scenes remain 100% your property to do with as you please. You can enter once a week for up to four weeks. Again, entry is 100% free. To see this week’s prompt and find out more, visit here.

We look forward to seeing what you can do. Bring it!


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