12 Things A Producer Looks For In A Screenplay

Jay Silverman, Director (OFF THE MENU)/PhotographerIt’s either on the page or it’s not on the page.

Scott Kirkpatrick, AuthorThis whole industry doesn’t exist with people twiddling their thumbs waiting for the right script to drop into their hands.

Stanley M. Brooks, Filmmaker/Producer: I’m not sticking here for an hour waiting for you to tell me that.

Rachel K. Ofori, Producer/Writer: I need to know how I feel after I’ve read it. If I feel like What was I supposed to feel? You’ve got to go back to the drawing board.

Mark Heidelberger, Producer: You say your main relationship is Character A and Character B but your antagonist is Character C?

Wendy Kram, owner of Wendy’s LA4hireThat’s so much more than anything that is on the nose and obvious.

John Paul Rice, ProducerScript is the heart and soul, the spine of the whole thing you are going to build off of, the foundation of everything that you’re going to…(Watch the video on Youtube here).


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