First Thing Todd Phillips Told Me About Joker by Cinematographer Lawrence Sher, ASC

Film Courage: Were you the only cinematographer being considered for the job [of JOKER movie]?

Lawrence Sher, ASC, Cinematographer: That only Todd [Phillips] can answer. I’ve done the last six movies (this is our sixth film) for ten, eleven years now. He brought the script to me quite early, but only Todd can answer.

The director and DP relationship is such a tight one, such an important one, we work so closely together, we argue sometimes. There are so many things that go into that relationship. Even myself having directed, I recognize how important that relationship is and I never take for granted the fact that I’m going to get another job with Todd simply because I got the last four or five. I just always treat it like it’s a new slate, it’s a new movie. He has the complete prerogative and right to want to switch things up and choose somebody else, all of those things.

Of course I love working with him and I would do it forever but I also recognize that it’s like an at-will thing in which I’m grateful every time I have the opportunity to do a movie with him. But I don’t know. Listen there are a lot of really good DPs and I know Todd is fans of many of their work. We’ve talked about the other DPs’ work so…ask Todd I guess?

Film Courage: When did you and Todd Phillips first discuss JOKER? Did he call you and say “I have this script?”…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).



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