Quitting A Hollywood Job To Make Movies by Adam William Ward [FULL INTERVIEW]

Film Courage: Did you move here in 2006?

Adam William Ward, Actor/DirectorYes, I came to Los Angeles in 2006. My first day in town actually I got hired at DreamWorks in post-production. My brother got me a job there so Day 1 I walked up to Universal (I was looking for DreamWorks) and they let me into the right gate and I met the head of post-production at DreamWorks (Mark Graziano at the time). I told them I wanted to be a filmmaker and all of this stuff and they needed help at the time. He was like You know what? Do you want to work here for a little while? We need extra help.

It was a 20-minute conversation and then he hired me and I worked there for a couple of months on DISTURBIA which was shooting at the time and then INDIANA JONES was in pre-production and then he also had a movie with Ben Stiller (it was a Farrelly Brothers movie) and I was running dailies and doing all kinds of stuff Day 1 so it was kind of crazy. I had a 1989 Ford Taurus running dailies around town.

I had the 35 millimeter projected film in my car for Eddie Murphy’s RAW. So Day 1 I’m delivering this RAW footage (the 35 millimeter) and I’m like They trust me already to deliver this footage? If this got lost they would never have that 35 millimeter again.

It was very interesting, that was Day 1 for me. I worked there for awhile and then I ended up working for Todd Phillips who did HANGOVER, ROAD TRIP, STARSKY & HUTCH and I worked in the front office for them doing mostly script coverage. I did notes on HANGOVER before it ever came out. I was heavily pushing to cut one of the scenes in the movie. They ended up cutting it later. I don’t know if it was because of me or not…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).




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