Why I Moved To New York With $60 In My Pocket by Dui Jarrod

Film Courage: Did you really move to New York with $60.00 in your pocket?

Dui Jarrod, Writer/DirectorI did. I went to New York with $60.00 and 2 bags. I just knew that I wanted to become a better writer and I was totally disappointed and disenfranchised by my feature film and how that went. So I was like I’m just going to go there and I’m just going to be a great writer. A friend of mine had an extra room in his house and so I stayed in his extra room. About a year later I had enough money to get my own place.

Film Courage: What were in your two bags?

Dui: Just clothes! I had these Pumas that I needed to throw away. They had holes in them, the tread was worn down on them but because those were the shoes I had carried on my journey I just never wanted to get rid of them so it took me forever to get rid of those Pumas. They were in one of those two bags.

Film Courage: I have something like this too and it’s a reminder. There’s a history behind it.

Dui: Where you have been, you don’t want to forget.

Film Courage: How did you travel, by plane?

Dui: I did…I didn’t pay for the flight…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).










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