When You Make A Movie And Nothing Happens (How To Keep Going) by Jason Satterlund

Film Courage: Despite your love for film, going back to CLOSE ENCOUNTERS, seeing the movie, having it be this magical experience, at one point you thought you would never thought you’ve be a filmmaker, director, not even short films for fun?

Jason Satterlund, Filmmaker: Yes, in my case and probably in the case of every filmmaker out there you see that spark and you love it and you fight and sacrifice everything to get there and you do it, do it. And then…it doesn’t quite happen the way you think. You’re not plucked out of obscurity like some of these guys are. You are still working in the trenches for years and it can get frustrating.

And then in my case I did a film that had a lot of controversy around it and was never ultimately released and it was so utterly devastating because after so many years of just working and working and working and just sacrifice, this film looked like it was going to really be something and then instead it’s not released and there’s a lot of controversy and bad press and all of these ugly things. It devastated me so much that I didn’t know if it was worth it and I circled the drain. Because it’s hard to go from something like that, from a film that was so artistically satisfying, such a great script and all of these things, to go from that to going back trying to find more work doing corporate stuff. How do you even…what am I going to do?

I circled the drain for a long time because my life was not turning out the way I thought it would. And this is everyone’s story, right?…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).


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