Always Wanted To Be A Writer by Jill Chamberlain

Film Courage: Jill, what made you want to write?

Jill Chamberlain, Author/Writer/Instructor: It’s funny, in the dedication of my book [THE NUTSHELL TECHNIQUE: Crack the Secret of Successful Screenwriting] I dedicated it to my father who instilled my love of movies in me and to my mother who always knew I was a writer. From my earliest childhood that I can remember I told everyone I wanted to be a writer. I loved creating stories. I loved writing little scripts that we would do on 8-millimeter. I’ve just always kind of had that in me. A love of words, just a perfect way of expressing yourself. You find something that feels right and it’s just the most perfect way to express yourself in the world.

Film Courage: Were you good at the game Scrabble?

Jill: I actually probably am not great. I tend to be a sore loser. I’ll admit to you. I’m only good at things that I…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).


Successful Screenwriting


Jill Chamberlain is the author of one of the highest rated screenwriting books on Amazon entitled The Nutshell Technique: Crack the Secret of Successful Screenwriting.


Jill Chamberlain’s book from University of Texas Press, The Nutshell Technique: Crack the Secret of Successful Screenwriting, is now available on Amazon and in fine bookstores everywhere. Of the over 3,000 books on screenwriting on Amazon, The Nutshell Technique ranks #1 in user ratings. Since its publication in 2016, the book became an instant classic and the go-to manual many professionals swear by. The book is on the syllabus for courses at University of Houston, University of Notre Dame, and the world renowned screenwriting program at Columbia University. The technique comes from Jill’s years of consulting and coaching, and she continues to use this methodology to hone screenplays into truly compelling stories.

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