How Can One Movie Have Four Different Titles? by Brian Avenet-Bradley

Film Courage: You’ve brought 7 DVDs here and they all have amazing covers. You were telling us off-camera that some of them are actually the same films but during the distribution phase they changed titles and covers?

Brian Avenet-Bradley, Filmmaker: Yes! Basically what happens is you get your foreign sales agent and foreign distributor who basically sells it to other countries. They get all of the artwork that you have to redo to whatever cover they want and they can retitle it to whatever title they want. Lots of times they will add their own artwork.

For example, this film is DARK REMAINS. This is kind of similar to the American cover but they changed it a little bit.

Then in Canada they really changed it. They went with a blue look and it’s unrated which is funny because it’s the same version as the rated version but I guess they didn’t re-rate it. So this is the rated version but that was their take on it still using the same basic poster art.

But when it got to Japan. They really loved the prison that was in the film. So they decided to go with GHOST PRISON. They added a prison [on the cover] that actually isn’t in the movie. Then they used this person from clip art who is not in the movie at all…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).




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