It Takes Courage To Be An Artist by Dar Dixon

Film Courage:  Let’s talk about people who give you advice, they are not in the industry and advise “You shouldn’t do this or that.”  But part of it may be that they won’t actually allow themselves to go outside what their identity says they should be?

Dar Dixon, Actor: The human condition baby, right? It happens all of the time. I’m sure that you’ve felt it?

Film Courage: Oh…I…yes…but I’ve never been one to care about convention. I can’t like a song that everyone else likes until years later and then I hear it and go “That’s pretty good?” But because it was so popular at that time I cringed. So I have that disease. I know that is its own affliction, maybe a contrarian complex, I don’t know what it is?

Dar: It has to do with authority. So just think about who your primary authority figures were in your life…psstt…Mom and Dad and the relationship you had with them. That’s where it all stems from. Anyway…yes they do. It takes courage to be an artist, it takes enormous courage to be an artist. Whatever your art is. It’s not easy sitting down and pouring your heart out into a script even if it’s a story you’ve created. It’s still your blood sweat and tears and your heart on that page. That takes guts.

To sit in front of a camera and act out those words and perform it and bring it to life with a point of view is incredibly hard, incredibly hard. Same for the production, same for all of it. It’s all challenging. 

I salute all artists because it takes enormous courage and that type of courage doesn’t go unnoticed and when people who aren’t chasing their dream or going after what they really want, whatever it may be (it doesn’t necessarily mean they have to be in the arts) whatever that may be. When they aren’t doing that and they have fallen in step to conventional wisdom, to groupthink (and I know a little bit about that because I got caught up in that groupthink) that is extremely detrimental to one’s health, happiness and safety. And yes, jealousy comes out of that and condemnation. It’s the easiest thing in the world, we’ll all pick and attack each other constantly instead of supporting and encouraging each other.

Then you see that the people who are the most successful in any industry, in any walk of life who are doing what they love, who love what they’re doing, they are happier, they are more peaceful, they are the most generous, they are most supportive, the most loving, with their time, their resources, their money, whatever it may be because I think they see and understand inherently how tough it is to put yourself out on the line, to put yourself out there, to let yourself be seen (warts and all) which is going back to we all beat ourselves up My gosh, what were they thinking about me? Was that terrible? Was that awful? I’ll never work again. Right? Relax man, take it easy. It’s okay…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here)




About Dar Dixon:

Dar Dixon was born July 1962 in Tehran, Iran. He is an actor and producer, known for NCIS: Los Angeles (2009), This Is Us (2016) and Silicon Valley (2014).


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