Writing A Script In 1 Month, Can It Be Any Good? By Keith Sutliff

Film Courage: Forgive me Keith but I just have to ask…if it takes you a month to write a screenplay (I’m just going to try to play the devil’s advocate here), how good can it really be? Shouldn’t you put more time into it?

Keith Sutliff, Filmmaker/Actor: I think it depends on the writer and it really depends on the content that is created. You have to be honest with yourself and sit down after you’ve written the screenplay and say “Is this what I’ve wanted to write? Is this what I want to make for a film?” Because for me I write screenplays to make films. I’m not really like a screenwriter in a sense. 

I write screenplays but that’s to make a film. Because there are some people who just write films obviously and they don’t really direct or do anything with it, they just sell them.

But I think it just depends on which you come up with. You have to sit down and read through it. Is this what I wanted? Am I content with this? Because there are some people who take 10 months to write a screenplay or years. Which for me that’s too long. I’m always trying to create content to shoot something to make, because I want to make feature films so I’m always coming up with stuff. Okay I want to make this film, let’s get it done, let’s write it, revise it, look at it and then let’s try to find a way to make it. So I’m always (not on a time crunch) but I’m always trying to make my next project.

Film Courage: Is that your style in life too? Just when you know you want to do something you are just all in on it and you do it?

Keith: Right. Yes. I 100% agree. I think if I want something I’m just always on the hustle every single day trying to that goal. And I always had that goal in mind every single day when I wake up it’s there. That’s why I have it written down.

I try to do something every single day to further my career (whatever it is) emailing people, calling people, going to a networking event, writing another screenplay, shooting a scene, something just to further every single day. If you do that every single day and you have that mindset and hustle, then you’ll always be moving forward.

Film Courage: When you came here in 2012, you were hoping to be an actor? You were planning to be an actor?

Keith: Right. Because here is the thing, I think a lot of people…I grew up loving films as a kid. And when you see a film the first thing you see is the actors. But you don’t know about all the other jobs on the set. You don’t know about the director, the director of photography, the camera operators, the gaffers, the grips, the second unit, the coordinators/directors (all of these people). You don’t know all of these jobs so you see the actors and you’re like that’s what I want to do, I want to be involved in films.

So that’s kind of the first thing I’ve seen a lot of people get into is usually acting or stunt acting…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).

Watch the video interview on Youtube here




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