Does Drogon’s Egg Move In The Game Of Thrones Pilot? and Other Surprises and Mistakes

In this Film Courage video, filmmakers / screenwriters Torey Thompson, Andrew Guerrero, and Bryan Valvana offer their impressions and story analysis of Game of Thrones Season 1 — Episode 1 — Winter Is Coming.

*SPOILER ALERT** If you haven’t seen all of Game of Thrones DO NOT watch this video.

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Our gratitude to Andrew Guerrero, Torey Thompson and Bryan Valvana for helping to make this happen.

00:13 — Screenwriting Mistakes

11:21 — Surprises

20:48 — Strengths and Weaknesses

Torey Thompson, Andrew Guerrero and Bryan Valvana

Andrew Guerrero: What mistakes do the writers make in this episode?

Torey Thompson: I feel it’s a sin to say the writers made any mistakes in this show!

Andrew: They are great, they are amazing. What do you think? [Turns to Bryan]

Bryan Valvana: I really like the way they write dialogue. I don’t have any specific dialogue problems. I just think that Rob as the oldest son should have had something to do. We don’t learn anything about him at all.

Andrew: Going back to what I said earlier, I know why the characters, whether it’s physical action exposition or dialogue exposition, I feel Jaime is just a little on-the-nose.

Bumping into him and challenging him to a duel at a tournament. I mean I get it. I know why we need it but I would have like them to develop the characters just a little less on-the-nose. Obviously Arya is the tomboy, maybe just a little less on-the-nose.

Torey: To be a little more vague with the way they presented it?

Andrew: Not vague at all, no. Specific obviously, But just a little less like Princess and TomboyBad Guy. Evil Queen…(Watch the video on Youtube here).


Andrew Guerrero is an actor and writer who recently booked TNT’s “The Last Ship.” He also wrote and stared in his feature film “Come Into Your Own” which he’s now preparing to self distribute through Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, and Vimeo.



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