Making A Movie Before Age 30 by Chris von Hoffmann

Watch the video interview on Youtube here

Film Courage: How important was it for you to make a feature film before you turned thirty?

Chris von Hoffmann, horror writer/director: It was very important. I’ve been wanting to make a feature at 19. I was trying to make a feature at 22-23. I was trying to make a feature (they were all different movies) and then at 24 I was trying to make another feature. At 25 I spent a year trying (that one got the furthest). And we had a sizzle reel that we shot, a pitch package, we had a business, we had a script, we had a lot of stuff packaged for that movie.

But we would have people come on, they would fall off, we just couldn’t get…it was like a $200,000 contract…it probably need like $200,000, it was like 25 locations (a lot of them were interior). I think I took a lot of that stuff and put it inside of DRIFTER, a lot of the thematic of that movie and just made DRIFTER a little bit more cheaper and a little bit more accessible. I spent a year on that movie throughout 2013.

Some people responded to the script, some people didn’t. Some people just didn’t get it. Because it wasn’t very plot heavy, it was a very character driven story…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).

Watch the video interview on Youtube here
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DRIFTER is now available exclusively on Netflix






About Chris von Hoffmann:

After a short stint at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and acting in several off-off-Broadway plays, Chris von Hoffmann moved to LA and turned to writing/producing/directing.

Chris von Hoffmann has made several short films including Fuel Junkie, White Trash and Vodka 7. White Trash had its World Premiere at the Chinese Theatre for the 17th Annual Dances With Films film festival and won Best Guerilla short for the 10th Annual Action on Film film festival. Vodka 7 won Best Cinematography at the WILDsound film festival in Toronto and screened at Tribeca Cinemas for the 9th Annual Big Apple film festival while Fuel Junkie had its premiere at Sony Picture Studios. In 2015 he directed his debut feature film Drifter which secured worldwide distribution and was released in 2017.

DRIFTER is now available exclusively on Netflix.


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