There’s No Rulebook That Says Make A Short Film Before A Feature by Nadia Jordan

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Film Courage: Your movie FOR THE LOVE OF GEORGE, did you intend to have the crowdfunding campaign be the sole source of production funds or did you have other ideas?

Nadia Jordan, director, producer, actor: No. The crowdfunding campaign at the start…I didn’t know if I was going to make a short or a feature. So we did the crowdfunding campaign and kind of just threw it out there to see what would happen and it was 7 weeks of extremely hard work. And at the end of it we got a certain amount of money and it was a lot of money in which to make a short, but not near enough in which to make a feature. But at that point I didn’t want to make a short and waste it on a short.

So many people I know were saying “You can’t make a feature, your first feature. You have to make a short first.” What rule book says anywhere that you have to make a short first? And so many people that I knew had made a short and regretted it and they are now using that as a funding pitch for a feature.

And so at that point I thought I really want to make a feature, you know? Let’s go after that. And this script was worked on and got better and better. And the more it improved, the more I wanted to make a better and better feature and wanted to wait. So yeah, it was then something that I had to look outside of crowdfunding and start having meetings and pitching people and like I say, everyone in Los Angeles is trying to do that.

It’s fairly easy to get in doors in LA because everyone is worried about missing the next best thing. It’s a lot harder to get anyone to commit or get funding or that side of it.

I really tried everything. Like I would go to investors and film financiers in LA and I had a few interesting meetings where they would want to change the script and they wanted to change the husband and the husband should be…(this was one male financier that I went to see) had very strong ideas about how Poppy [the protagonist in FOR THE LOVE OF GEORGE] toward her husband, which I didn’t listen to at all and he didn’t finance the film.

But eventually you try everything. I was getting all of these creative ideas about how I was going to do funding and I was going to go to the country club and fundraising meetings and talk to people about how they can get involved in film, which I actually tried doing that. None of it worked. But I was really trying to get creative and go outside of the box in terms of getting money within LA because at that time I decided I didn’t want to give the rights up. I didn’t want to have someone else make it through their production company. I wanted to have someone give me money to make it through my production company. It was a bit further down the line I realized again ‘Well, if I want this I’m going to try and have to get the money myself,’ and that’s what I did.

Film Courage: Was this from a series of investors (aside from the crowdfunding)…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).

Watch the video interview on Youtube here





Nadia Jordan on the set of FOR THE LOVE OF GEORGE


Set in early 2014, Poppy Wakefield works as a freelance journalist from her beautiful home in England. Her seemingly perfect, if predictable, life is shattered when she discovers her husband Stephen is having an affair. ​ In shock from betrayal, she finds comfort in a TV segment featuring George Clooney. George is everything her husband isn’t – sophisticated, funny, charming – someone who cares about making a difference in the world and who Poppy believes is her ideal match! When she receives a well timed invitation to visit her friend Justin in LA, Poppy decides to give fate a helping hand and takes off on a quest to cross paths with George – where she has no doubt they will fall in love at first sight! However a surprise announcement brings Poppy and her romantic fantasy crashing back down to earth. Through a funny series of near misses, unrelated adventures and colorful characters, Poppy navigates her new life in LA, until one day fate throws her a very unexpected curveball.