Writing A Book Trilogy And Turning Them Into Movies by Author Jennifer Brody

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Film Courage: When you first began writing The 13th Continuum, was it in your mind to turn this book into a film or to turn it into a series or did this come in incremental steps?

Jennifer Brody:  Yeah…it was in my mind from the beginning that it had to be a trilogy. The story when it started to take shape in my mind was so epic and sweeping and involved multiple different environments.

I kind of felt strongly that it needed to be a series. And also that I wanted to play the long game a little bit with the series. Which means that certain reveals don’t happen until the second or third book, which is a little bit risky actually because it’s harder to land a deal for multiple books all at once.

Also, my main protagonist, they kind of aren’t really meeting in person until the second book and quite into it…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).




About Jennifer Brody:

Jennifer Brody’s award-winning novel The 13th Continuum sold to Turner Publishing in a 3-book deal and is being packaged into a feature film. The book is a Gold Medal Winner (Young Adult – Sci-Fi/Fantasy) from the Independent Publisher‘s Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards. Return of the Continuums and The United Continuums complete this epic trilogy. Born in St. Croix, USVI and raised in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Southwest Virginia, she now lives and writes in LA.

Jennifer is a graduate of Harvard University, a creative writing instructor at the Writing Pad, and a volunteer mentor for the Young Storytellers Foundation. She founded and runs BookPod, a social media group for authors. She’s also a board member for the non-profit short story writing competitions the Roswell Award and the Tomorrow Prize.

After studying film at Harvard University, she began her career in Hollywood. Highlights include working for Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes and New Line Cinema, most notably on The Lord of the Rings films, The Golden Compass, and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. In 2008, she produced the feature film Make It Happen (starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Tessa Thompson) for The Weinstein Company. She is a member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA).

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