How To Become A Professional Screenwriter Without Selling A Script by Christine Conradt

Watch the video interview on Youtube here
Film Courage:  You were doing re-writes for several years.  When did you first sell a script?
Christine Conradt: Gosh…I don’t think I sold a spec until years into my career? Most of my early work was doing rewrites and then talking to the producers saying “You are basically paying other people the bulk of the money to do this original draft and I’m fixing it. Why don’t you just hire me to start?”
Then they said “Yes, we will do that.”  But those were still work for hire projects, but they were still coming to me with the concepts and the ideas or whatever and then I was just writing them.
It took a long time before I sold a spec that I had just written on my own and taken to market.
Film Courage:  It sounds like the traditional way one thinks of a screenwriter going to pitch and they [a studio] are going to say yes and write you a check, you already had inroads and were already doing work, but were fixing others work and then you essentially created your own job?


Christine Conradt: Yes, basically.  Most people, when they think of screenwriting, they think of…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).





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