Pitching A Movie Idea In Hollywood

Pitching A Movie Idea In Hollywood – Free Online Course

This is a series of video interviews with Film Courage guests on pitching a movie idea in Hollywood.  Each link goes to a corresponding Youtube video.  If you have tips on how Film Courage can improve this list or other feedback, please don’t hesitate to reach out via our contact page here.  Thank you!


How To Get The Meeting

Screenwriting Is 50% Writing and 50% Salesmanship

I Have A Great Movie Idea, What Do I Do?

The Art Of Pitching A Movie Idea Using The Rule Of 3

Hollywood Only Accepts Scripts That Go Through Itʼs Story Department

Do Screenwriters Need To Live In Los Angeles?

This Secret Can Help Filmmakers Get A Movie Made

How Does An Unsigned Screenwriter Gain Access To Hollywood Executives?

How An Unknown & Unsigned Writer Booked Their First Television Job

Best Way For A Screenwriter To Build Relationships In Hollywood

Before The Pitch

Preparing For A Pitch Meeting – What Screenwriters Should Probably Know

Preparing To Pitch A Script To Hollywood Agents

3 Words To Help A Screenwriter Prepare A Movie Pitch

The #1 Reason Why Someone Invests In A Movie

How Many Times Should A Screenwriter Practice A Pitch?

It Makes No Sense For Hollywood To Steal Scripts

Advice / Tips

Pitching A Movie Idea: Best Advice Iʼve Ever Received

The Four ʻEʼ Method For Pitching A Movie Idea

– Main Advantage Of A Personal Story When Pitching A Script

– Donʼt Pitch Your Movie Idea Unless You Meet This Requirement

– How Personal Stories Can Make Or Break A Screenwriterʼs Pitch

– Tips To Help Screenwriters Pitch Their Movie Idea

– Mistakes Screenwriters Make When Pitching Their Ideas

Screenwriter Studio Notes: Doʼs and Donʼts

The Meeting

The Ins & Outs Of A Screenwriting Pitch Meeting

Pitching A Movie Script Without Being Desperate

A Pitch Meeting With A Young Filmmaker And A Hollywood Legend

How I Got $32 Million For My Movie After Everyone In Hollywood Said “No”

How I Pitched THE GIRLS IN THE BAND To The First Investor

Forget The 5 Minute Pitch, How About 18 Hours

When A Screenwriter Has 5 Minutes To Pitch A Movie Idea

A Directorʼs Pitch Meetings After Sundance

Pitching A Crime Television Series To Hollywood

– First Time I Pitched An Idea To A Hollywood Producer

The Aftermath

How A Failed Television Series Pitch Became A Documentary

When A Screenwriter Is Given A Second Pitch Meeting

Executiveʼs Perspective

Movie Pitch Meetings From An Executiveʼs Point Of View






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Although WEIRD FOLK takes place on election night 2016, it’s not solely about the election and the hysteria associated with it. It’s about the horror that humans can inflict on one another. It is about the ugly monster inside us all. We show all sides of the political spectrum and do not skew in any one direction. More importantly, this story is extremely entertaining and will give you some laughs and some chills. Election 2016 was an anomaly and the events that take place in this movie are as well.



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FREAK OUT: Matan, a soldier in the IDF, sets off for a week of patrolling in a remote base in the north of Israel with three soldiers whom he doesn’t know. As the week progresses, the soldiers begin to question whether they will come out of this experience alive.






THE HOLLY KANE EXPERIMENT: An obsessive psychologist attempts to reprogram her subconscious mind, but when her actions become increasingly uncharacteristic she fears her experiment is dangerously out of control.