Mozambican Filmmakers Ask For World Support To Make First Feature Film – RESGATE on Indiegogo


Mozambican Filmmakers Ask for World Support to Make First Feature Film – RESGATE

Aspiring to help develop independent cinema in Africa

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Pipas Forjaz (DOP/Co-Producer) and Mickey Fonseca (Writer/Director/Co-Producer)

Mozambican filmmakers Mickey Fonseca and Pipas Forjaz hope to raise money to produce their provocative first feature film, RESGATE, through a crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo, a tool still mostly unknown in the southern-African country. Their goal is to raise $150.000.00 USD (one hundred fifty thousand US dollars) and the campaign is 39 days long, having started on August 16, 2016.

The film tells the story of Bruno, a young ex-con looking for redemption who suddenly sees himself embroiled in a web of kidnappings, a form of crime which Mozambicans have seen rising dramatically in recent years. The story is set in Maputo, the bustling Mozambican capital, but is a universal one.


Fonseca and Forjaz are co-producers of RESGATE. Fonseca is also the screenwriter and director. Forjaz is the director of photography and editor. The two partners in a local production company Mahla Filmes are looking to raise $150,000 USD for production and post-production. Over the past four years they have saved around $40,000 USD working on TV commercials, music and institutional videos. They have also invested in buying 90% of the equipment they need for the film – from a modern RED Weapon camera to tracking vehicles. But it’s still not enough to make the film they envision.

The main reason motivating Fonseca and Forjaz to crowdfund for the feature is that they want to make the film independently, in an effort to find creative alternatives to the classic international funds. A striking majority of films in Mozambique depend on international film funds, often dictating the type of stories that get to be told, the genres funded, international outsource of service providers, and others aspects. According to IMDB registers, less than 40 films have been made by Mozambicans in the past 14 years.


If the campaign is successful, Fonseca and Forjaz hope to help open new paths for Mozambican and African filmmakers and, through their experience, inspire young filmmakers around the world to not give up on their dream of making films.

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They put together a trailer, a pitch by the director and content such as ‘making-of’ videos of the trailer hoping to share their vision for the film with world audiences and garner support for its production.

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For more info on RESGATE, please visit the Indiegogo campaign page here.



RESGATE’s Synopsis:

After 4 years in Maputo´s notorious central prison for car theft, BRUNO (34) is finally a free man and wants nothing to do with his old gang. He opens a small mechanic workshop with the help of his devout girlfriend, MIA (28). Life seems to be getting back on track for the couple, when he’s surprised by a bank summons referring to a mysterious loan his late mother took. If he doesn’t pay 30k USD, the bank will foreclose on his inherited house. Broke but determined to keep the house and his mother’s dignity, he sees no choice but to do a few odd jobs with his old gang. He soon finds himself embroiled in a web of violent kidnaps mostly benefiting the gang’s ruthless new boss. Feeling used by him and pressured to pay the bank loan, Bruno comes up with a master plan that shakes the criminal organization and puts his relationship with Mia and his life at risk.




Mahla_Films_ResgateAbout Mahla Filmes:

Founded in 2010 by Mozambican filmmakers Mickey Fonseca and Pipas Forjaz, Mahla Filmes embodies their passion for telling relevant stories through film. As well as their fundamental belief in cinema as a tool to push for positive impacts and dialogue within societies.

The idea do make “RESGATE” was born about four years ago. From there on, besides working strenuously to improve the script and put together the right production team, Mahla Filmes has invested a significant part of its income in purchasing equipment that will help achieve the highest quality in the film.

“RESGATE” is the first feature and independent film by the Mozambican production company. After its debut with the short film “Mahla”, between 2009 and 2010, five short films followed, all for Mozambican non-governmental organization Nweti, about HIV prevention and gender-based violence in the country. Two of those shorts, “Dina” (director: Mickey Fonseca) and “Lobolo” (director: Michele Mathison) were distinguished with international film awards.


For more information about RESGATE, its co-producers, the cast and crew please contact

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Together we can make history for independent film in Mozambique – Now on Indiegogo


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