GRAVITAS Gets ‘BONED’ – BAI LING Stars in an Off-Beat, Hollyweird Comedy

Writer/Director Laura Lee Bahr on the set of BONED – Now Available on iTunes!


BONED follows actress/dog-walker, Samantha (Angela Landis- Grey’s Anatomy, Anger Management, ER, Bicentennial Man), as she navigates the game that is, “Hollyweird.” When roommate, Felicia (Robyn Cohen – The Life Aquatic) is shot by a crazy dog-napper, Samantha is left to try and outwit madwoman Dominatrix, (Bai Ling – Crank: High Voltage, Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith, Lost, Anna & The King) who is trying to steal an adored pet Maltese. Complications ensue when charming, but shady, doctor (Josh Randall —Legends) enters the picture.


Josh Randall and Angela Landis in BONED

BONED won Best Micro Budget Feature at The Toronto Independent Film Festival. Foreign sales are being handled by Cardinal XD. The film was produced by Angela Landis, Joe Siraki, Kirk Roos and the Executive Producer was Bai Ling.


Says Bai Ling on BONED, “It is like a dream. When I woke up from it, I felt so excited and I wanted to scream, laugh, hold and kiss someone with so much passion and never let it go.”

Angela Landis as ‘Samantha Marlowe’ in BONED

Writer/director Laura Lee Bahr (Jesus Freak, Little Death), a familiar face in the Bizarro world, recently won The Wonderland Book Award for Novel of the Year for her novel Haunt. “The film totally captures the LA I know – you could only believe it by living it.”


Gravitas has acquired all US and Northern American rights to BONED.  The film was released on April 12, 2016 on  VOD.


“We’re very excited and honored to be collaborating with actress/producer Angela Landis, and writer/director Laura Lee Bahr on Boned, a terrifically fun caper through Los Angeles. We look forward to helping the film find an audience across 100 million homes in North America,” says Gravitas Ventures

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About the Movie:

SAMANTHA MARLOWE (Angela Landis), actress/dog-walker, is struggling to make rent. Opportunity knocks in the form of a handsome doctor, EDWARD PIERCE (Josh Randall), who needs care for his aunt’s Maltese, Humphrey. But Edward isn’t who he claims to be – as Sam finds out when she gets trailed by cronies of THE MISTRESS, a sexy and scary dominatrix looking for Humphrey. Sam’s business partner gets shot, her home gets broken into, and she falls in love with a sweet little Maltese whose life is in danger. Sam has to solve the mystery of who wants to hurt this little Maltese and why, all the while making it to her commercial callback, giving the GOTH KIDS and a scary GOTH MAN the slip, and making her starring performance in the under-attended but critically acclaimed play – The Dark and Bloody Love Bath. While Sam and Humphrey are both pawns in a game of petty revenge, Sam ultimately returns Humphrey safe to his owner, realizing that real love is a dog’s love.


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