Surround Yourself With Good People That Care and Push You to Be Better Than Yesterday by ZombieCON’s Christian Casillas

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Actor/Model Christian Casillas (Center in Gray T-Shirt) with the MewNowTV Family

Film Courage: Where did you grow up?

Christian Casillas: I was born in Los Angeles and soon after my family and I went to go live in Guadalajara Mexico where I lived my early childhood until I was 10 years old. Life at home was amazing. My family has always been very close and caring and I was very fortunate to have some amazing and adventurous friends growing up.

Christian_Casillas_kid_photo2Film Courage: Which of your parents do you resemble most?

Christian: People say I resemble my mother the most but as I have gotten older I really feel that I’m becoming more like my dad.

Film Courage: Did your parents encourage acting and modeling?

Christian: My parents never encouraged me to do acting because I don’t think they really knew how serious I was about actually pursuing it. Once I started going to school and working on projects, they really jumped on board and have been by my side in every way possible. I am very lucky.

Christian_Casillas_kid_photo1Film Courage: Did you go to school for acting or film?

Christian: Yes, I have attended and graduated from several acting schools. In my opinion, I feel that in anything you do in life, the key is to always to be learning and why not learn from the best or people who have experience. Acting school is a no-brainer. It allows you to exercise your craft and see first hand what other people are doing and learn from them as well. Many times the way to learn is by watching your peers and see how they work. Things will just start clicking…

Film Courage: Did your plans change after college?

Christian: Not really. After college I actually got a bit more motivated and dedicated to acting.


“We are all different and unique and have something special to offer that no one else can. I feel that the best way to get someone to “shape up” is to surround themselves with positive people that are pursuing the same thing and are serious about it.”

Actor/Model Christian Casillas – Now in ZombieCON


Film Courage: Just as people slip into bad habits with exercise and eating, how can people do the same with pursuing a career in the arts? What gets them to “shape up?”

Christian: I believe slips will happen to everyone, we are only human and they will happen by default, especially in an industry like the arts. There is a lot of competition that is true, but one must always follow their own path and remember to stay focused on themselves. We are all different and unique and have something special to offer that no one else can. I feel that the best way to get someone to “shape up” is to surround themselves with positive people that are pursuing the same thing and are serious about it. It’s great motivation and a reminder of why we started in the first place.

Film Courage: If you’ve been extremely busy and feel stressed, how do you detox from a hectic schedule?

Christian: My number one go to for stress relief is the gym. Is the one place that I can really get lost in and just focus on bettering myself not only externally but internally. As far as my diet I always for the most part eat healthy, no fried food, breads, sodas, sugars etc…but everyone deserves their cheat meals here and there.

Mannys_world_MewNowTV_filmcourage_7Film Courage: When did you reach 6’2″? Is everyone in your family tall?

Christian: I am not too sure about this one, but I believe it was towards the end of high school. I got my height from my dad since he is 6’1 himself. Everyone else I’d say are about average height.

Film Courage: Who is your character, Javi in ZombieCON?

Christian: Javier aka Javi is very family oriented. Loves his family and friends to death and will stop at nothing to protect them. Javi is very easy going and at times could seem like a total kid just being a goof and making everyone around him just be in a positive state. Something about Javi that is always looking to learn the next best thing and looking at the positive in everything…it could be that he had it rough as a kid and has learned to look ahead and just look at the bright sight of things.

Film Courage: Did you audition for your role of Javi in your next project ZombieCON? What was the process like?

Christian: I believe that our auditions for our roles in ZombieCON was our everyday and long friendship of just being with each other and getting to know one another. It fell into place like magic, it just felt right.

Christian Casillas as Javi in Big Squid Productions ZombieCON – Now on Indiegogo

Film Courage: How much input will you have with your character Javi to bring him to life?

Christian: Anytime you are dealing with building characters as actors we must honor the life of the character by really putting in the work and bringing him to life. I was very fortunate because a lot of the work that has gone into Javi has been from personal experiences. Javi’s characteristics touch home in many ways.

Film Courage: When does production begin on ZombieCON? How will you develop your character between now and then?

Christian: I believe we are set for production sometime in July and as far as the character building process will remain the same, just keep exploring different sides of Javi on daily basis.

Film Courage: Do you enjoy the character development process or would you prefer to be on set right now filming?

Christian: I think one of the things of being an actor is really enjoying all aspects of the craft and it all starts with the process. I have learned to really enjoy it and of course I would love to be filming now but I wouldn’t be able to deliver something crisp and clear without the work. It always shows.


Film Courage: Is it possible to be a nice person and still keep your wits about you in LA?

Christian: Of course it is, you have to be mentally prepared and have a good support system around you and helps you to just stay sharp and moving forward.

Film Courage: How long have you worked with Big Squid productions and MewNowTV? Are you comfortable being part of a big family team of friends and colleagues or do you like to be more solitary?

Christian: I have been working with them for about 5 years now and it has been much more than a great experience. I am a big family person so being around individuals that really make me feel that way and share the same passion as I do, I couldn’t have asked for more. I got very lucky to have met everyone every single one of the squids.

Christian Casillas_FilmCourage_1Film Courage: How did you begin modeling? Which came first, acting or modeling?

Christian: Modeling came in just a bit before acting because I was always into personal training and keeping myself in shape which turned to people asking if I had modeled and if I hadn’t to really start and pursue it.
Film Courage: Advice to aspiring models on putting together a portfolio?

Christian: JUST DO IT. GET IT DONE. Start looking for photographers that are also coming up in the business and take full advantage of all the social media that is now out there. There is no excuse for not achieving a portfolio. For females, just be very careful who you are working with and before shooting with anyone please really do your background work on these individuals and just see what the have done…I guess it goes for men, too.

Film Courage: When people say, “it’s not just looks, it’s in the eyes of a model,” what does this represent to you?

Christian: Like I said before, everyone has their little something special to offer, they just have to find it and run with it because its unique and it might not always be in the looks or the eyes but just something they might project through the lens.

Mannys_world_MewNowTV_filmcourage_8Film Courage: Was there ever a time when you did not physically take care of yourself?

Christian: Yes, there were times when mentally I wasn’t motivated to get up and go to the gym or maintain a healthy diet and it happens to everyone anytime they might feel a bit depressed or stressed or simply times are tough specially in the business we are in. That is why I can’t stress enough saying to try and be surrounded by good people that really care about you and push you to be better than yesterday.



Film Courage: How did you get involved with the MewNowTV team? What was your reaction the first time you met everyone?

Christian: We all met back in acting class and the rest is history. It really felt like family at first sight.

There is Journeyman, Jobless, Tremen2 and Tuneup and all I can say is that they are all awesome…from sci-fi action to Spanish debates. For more details you will just have to go watch them!


“In the entertainment industry, you have to have a healthy and positive mind.  It all starts from taking care of yourself.”

Actor/Model Christian Casillas – Now in ZombieCON


Christian Casillas_FilmCourage_3Film Courage: What was your biggest misconception about moving to Los Angeles and when did you realize it?

Christian: I was the one In the Big Squid Family who is pretty much here from Los Angeles since the age of 10.

Film Courage: Did anything happen before you initially moved to LA that almost stopped you from arriving here?

Christian: Not really, I was just fortunate that my family decided to move here.

Film Courage: Aside from keeping the body healthy and looking psychically attractive, why is fitness important for the mind?

Christian: The mind is like a muscle as well, you have to keep exercising it and fresh. Workouts help you to relieve stress, tension and keeps you feeling alive and healthy, which helps the mind regenerate and stay focused on your goals. In the entertainment industry, you have to have a healthy and positive mind and it all starts from taking care of yourself.

Film Courage: How is the discipline of training and taking care of yourself similar to moving to Hollywood and pursuing acting?

Christian: They both require a clear vision of your end goal. You have to be honest with yourself as to what you really want and everything will start falling into place with hard work and persistence. I have always said “ There is no such thing as a step too small as long as it is forward.”


MSA fit model Christian Casillas of PERfit Body and West Hollywood’s Firm Body Evolution (FRE) is a celebrity fitness trainer, talented actor and producer. Most recently, Christian hosted and/or starred in weight-loss series Tune Up!, Spanish entertainment series Tremen2, and film-festival accepted thrillers Journeyman, Stakeout, and Mirage. Christian also just wrapped a role on Telemundo’s Eva la Trailera. Look for him in upcoming national commercials, producer projects, modeling shoots and of course, starring as Javier in MewNowTV’s feature film, ZombieCON.








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