A Screenwriting Contest Where The Winning Script Is Made Into A Movie by Robert Lawton CrowdSource Studios CEO

A_Screenwriting_Contest_Where_The Winning_Script_Is_Made_Into_A_Movie_Robert_Lawton_crowdsource_studios_ceo_script_competition

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About Crowdsource Studios Founder & CEO – Robert Lawton: Robert Lawton studied filmmaking at NYU before beginning his career on Wall Street as a Vice-President of a NYSE Member firm & later becoming a Hedge fund manager – but his heart remained at the movies.

In 2005 he wrote, directed & starred in Sex & Sushi, which launched his career as a filmmaker, screenwriter (CRAVE) & author (REJECTED!).

In 2012, he bought a 40-acre ranch in California, which now serves as headquarters for CrowdSource Studios & where he lives with his two beloved dogs.