UK Photographer and Designer Turns Talents Toward INTERSTELLAR Limited Edition Movie Poster



“I am a big admirer of anything creative and want the chance to bring two of my passions together, film and art. I have been buying independently made film posters for over a decade and I love collecting illustrations/art from upcoming artists. After working with Paul Jackson on my latest clothing release I had the idea to use Paul’s amazing talent to help visualize and create the unique film posters that I have longed for” says UK

Photographer and Designer Ihsan Kemal  (Read more here via the Kickstarter Campaign)



Ihsan Kemal


I am a 26 year old degree educated photographer who has had worked published internationally for various books, magazines and films. At the age of 24 I also turned my hand to designing street wear, the brand Born Ready was created. My brand focuses on using various different artists for different collections designs that create one story. The latest designed by Paul Jackson with the inspiration being from Greek Mythology.

I believe I have a natural ability for creative thinking and sourcing some of the best talent to help me achieve my vision.

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