The Typical First Meeting Between An Actor And Agent by Alex Sol

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Alex Sol, Actor/Director: Fundamentally the most common thing you would get in the beginning before you got somebody really excited for you for whatever reason is…they would open the meeting like this:

You know I don’t really have a place for you. I don’t really have a place for you.

This is the opening of the meeting. So you’ve sat down Hey, Alex how you are doing? Great…so you were in American History X…Yes…yeah great…I love that director. Yeah…yeah…me, too. He’s great.

And then fundamentally you just really want to say What are we doing here? What’s the point of this? Do you want me? Do you not want me? I want the meeting to go like that. What do you want to do?  I wish it were more direct but so the opening statement would be this…then we’d get through all the niceties and then I’m not going to be able to take you. And then we go on for another 40 minutes of the meeting. That’s a real horrible feeling because at that point for me I just want to say That’s cool. I respect that. I’d like to leave now. But you can’t do that. So you have to sit there and do this ridiculousness for another half an hour as you’re sitting there going I’d have to talk to you if you just told me you want nothing to do with me. So yeah, those are annoying things.


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Alex Sol was born in 1973. He is an actor and assistant director, known for American History X (1998), Taking Lives (2004) and The Adventures of Pluto Nash (2002).



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