‘Warning: Your #Online Behavior Can Bite You In The A$$’ by @Joewilsontv




You know those stories about success on Kickstarter?  Like the one about the final push that got a project over the hump at the last second or the project that hit their goal and kept going to raise more than that proposed budget?

This is not one of those stories…….(read more here from Joe Wilson.  Congrats to Joe on having one of the all-time most read Film Courage article posts!)





Joe Wilson is an award-winning filmmaker and the creator, writer and director of the Indie TV series “Vampire Mob.”  Wilson’s short “The Swear Police” won its category at the L.A. Comedy Shorts Film Festival and his first short “Tickle Me Harder” was described by Gawker as “a celebrity sex tape worth our time.”   Wilson also made international news by auctioning a “Jar of Celebrity Air” on eBay, which became an international news event and the subject of his one-man show.  You can find him on Twitter, probably right now – @VampireMob @JoeWilsonTV


Vampire Mob is an original series with cast from Boardwalk Empire, The Sopranos, The Simpsons, Parks & Recreation and Criminal Minds.

“Entertaining, funny, and well written, at its heart Vampire Mob is really a story about family and the challenges we all face as we try to get through this world. Even if it is a world populated with vampires and hit men.”



(Watch the video here)

Filmmaker / Web Series Creator Joe Wilson (VAMPIRE MOB) gives us his thoughts on marketing and promotion, how Twitter and Facebook have become part of his job, and his belief that when it comes to fundraising that Twitter is more powerful than Facebook


(Watch the video here)


‘How I Developed My Webseries’ by Joe Wilson.

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