Film Courage Podcast Episode #50 ft. @RallisP of the #Youtube channel #Movie Buzz and @RallisReview


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Peter Rallis who founded Youtube’s Movie Buzz (143,000 SUBS and
over 73 MILLION video views) via the Film Courage podcast.

He provides us nuts & bolts information on titles, tagging, frequency, and gaining subscribers. 


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This past August, Larry McMurtry, author of Lonesome Dave, The Last Picture Show and Brokeback Mountain, sold over 300,000 antiquarian books from his legendary Booked Up bookshop at auction over two days. This film is the story of those Books.  Filmmakers Mathew Provost and Sara Ossana of Studio Seven7 Films have launched a Kickstarter Campaign to help them complete a documentary about McMurtry, the auction, and the future of the American book trade.




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Jay Duplass and Linas Phillips on KICKSTARTER


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"I heard John Sayles advise to new filmmakers ‘get a life.’  Young film student come out of college, attempting to make a film.  Go live life and then make your movie." 

Carolfrances Likins, Teacher/Activist/Filmmaker/Writer



Congrats to Stef Dawson who has just been added to The Hunger Games: Mockingjay family as Annie Cresta (Finnick’s wife).

Film Courage caught up with the Aussie beauty at a recent LA screening of Zal Batmanglij and Brit Marling’s The East.


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Actor Kevin Chapman, Detective Lionel Fusco on the CBS hit-show Person of Interest, skypes into Film Courage to share his story of how acting found him, why he bypassed New York for Los Angeles, what separates those who make a living acting from those who don’t, how he spends that dead zone time when he is not acting, and he tells about his life on the set of POI.

Filmmaker Tony Zierra and Actor Chad Lindberg of the documentary My Big Break join us on Film Courage to share with us their true and remarkable Hollywood story, that of three actor roommates who rose to stardom in the early 2000’s (Chad Lindberg, Brad Rowe, & Wes Bentley). We learn whether it was fate or not that brought them together, whether one can sustain a Hollywood career without a ‘big break,’ and why Hollywood doesn’t want you to see this film

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Filmmaker John Sayles calls into Film Courage two days before his latest movie AMIGO World Premiere’s at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 14th, 2010. John shares insights into his writing process, why he doesn’t like to rehearse with his actors, his idea for overcoming fear of networking, and how he has sustained his career as an independent filmmaker.