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I began working with Ron shortly after his arrival in Los Angeles. Over the years he hired my firm, B.D. Fox and Friends Advertising, working and producing many highly successful campaigns in conjunction with the studios he worked for. I found Ron to be an innovative, articulate and creative professional who understands the inner workings of the industry, integrating features and solutions towards the successful conclusion of the projects we worked on. Affable and analytical, Ron visualizes concepts many of us miss. He knows how to initiate with a pleasant persistence.

-Brian D. Fox, B.D. Fox Independent

Just recently I launched the premiere eMagazine edition of Aspect of Entertainment on Newsstand for the iPad. The iPad is an important piece of technology, given its user-friendliness and functionality in today’s global, mobile society. As we’ve come to know it the iPad is changing the way we read, watch TV, view a film, play a game, or listen to music.

It is a multipurpose devise and easy to operate.  It allows you to navigate through its many features with just the touch of a finger. Its popularity and functionality is unsurpassed. So why did I create this app? For two reasons:

*When I launched last year I felt so strongly then, as I do now, I had something to say about the entertainment industry. This is the industry I have spent my entire professional life in. For me, it is the best and only way I know to creatively express myself and find fulfillment. Reaching out to the people I am creating this platform for, those who are planning careers in this industry, has been a tremendous learning curve, but a very gratifying one. In today’s world it is necessary because of the way we interact and communicate with each other.

*Strategically, I needed to be where you are because we socialize, network and gather information online and this is done mainly with mobile devices. Whatever the device of choice is, we always have it with us.

The world, as we know it today, is changing so rapidly. For us, as creative individuals, exploring and expressing our voices – musicians, writers, designers, gamers, developers, producers, performers –whatever form it happens to be,  it has to connect with audiences instinctively, spontaneously and emotionally.

Consider what is happening with books in the traditional sense and the growing popularity of eBooks and self-publishing. For anyone, such as myself, this is the perfect time to explore and go in new directions, to be seen and heard.

This is an ongoing education for me as well as many others, to use social media and technology more effectively so I can contribute more effectively. At times this is not the easiest task for those of us who began before The Digital Age changed the way we create. In effect, to go deeper, take our craft to new levels and have an everlasting effect on the way we can move and change an audience. This is paramount to me. So what is called for? I think there has to be greater self-awareness and discipline to stay in balance with the amount of information and the constantly changing information we consume daily.

Nevertheless, I think the Newsstand app has far exceeded its original potential. As the internet evolves, books, newspapers and magazines are giving way to websites and blogs that offer the same, if not more content, with a sense of immediacy and practicality. It provides the reader (or end user) a much more accessible, effortless and affordable experience, a way of getting new and established publications on a device you have with you a majority of the time.

There are going to be those who think, “Well, is this such a good thing? And I say, YES IT IS! At a time when print publications are finding it harder and harder to maintain as well as attract new readers, apps like Newsstand are expanding literacy on a universal basis. As artists we create, whatever we produce and contribute to the public is our way of significantly reaching a greater, worldwide, informed, and literate audience.

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Ron Greenfield has had an extensive and distinguished career in the entertainment and interactive industries.  He began his career in New York designing, marketing and producing trailers and promos for the major studios, networks, cable, and their affiliates. For his work he has received numerous Emmy and Clio award nominations.

As home entertainment began to gain popularity, Ron joined CBS/FOX in a senior creative capacity.  There he conceived and produced the campaigns for such films as Rocky II and III, Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi as well as such classics as The Maltese Falcon and Casablanca

In Los Angeles Ron joined Republic Pictures (a Blockbuster owned company) as Senior Director of Creative Services.  During his tenure he originated the marketing and creative campaigns for the company’s indie and Hallmark Hall of Fame home entertainment releases. His duties expanded to include work on the popular series Beauty and The Beast as well as several television pilots, award-winning mini-series and reality programming

Joining Spelling Entertainment and working for the legendary Aaron Spelling as Vice President of  Marketing and Creative Services, his duties expanded  to include producing specialized programming for the company’s releases as well as grow the company’s presence at international film conventions and festivals. For his overall efforts he is the recipient of several awards for outstanding creativity in addition to serving as judge and being nominated for several Hollywood Key Art Awards.

From Spelling Ron became active in the console/online gaming industry. As its Chief Marketing Officer, the firm of Software Magic worked with many of the industry’s top  publishers,  developing game concepts and online projects, working in tandem with companies such as  Electronic Arts, Activision, Vivendi-Universal, Dreamworks Interactive, Lucas Arts, and Midway Games.

Following Software Magic, Ron began developing online projects, most notably with online networking and the development of social communities. Given their potential and phenomenal growth rate, he recently created the website Having worked in so many areas of the entertainment industry, he sees it as a portal of information whereby he can provide useful information and tools for anyone, especially those individuals seeking careers in the industry.

He is a graduate of the High School of Music and Art in Manhattan, with a B.A. in Advertising and Design from Hunter College and course work completed towards a M.S. (Master of Science) in Communications from Pratt Institute.  He currently lives in Durham, North Carolina.

For more information please contact Ron at

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