Day 2 of Mattson Tomlin’s DREAM LOVER by Lucas McNelly

mattson & maria
Mattson Tomlin

20 February 2011

My call is for 10:30am, which isn’t so bad. Sure we were on a soundstage until roughly midnight, trying to figure out the best way to build the “endless bed” (most of which the bed crew, led by Shane, did well before I showed up). The trick, at least last night, was that all the new sheets had the sort of hard creases that you get when you take them out of the package. How then, to best fix it? Would it even be noticeable? We decided it was easier to just wash them all, which added time to the evening, but seemed to work. Shane was up until well after 2am.

And Maria Rowene was in makeup at 6am, getting turned into a monster. Meagan Hester and Jason Milani, our makeup artists, have turned the lovely Maria into some sort of human-lizard hybrid that’s creepy as hell.

Today, the set is closed for “monster sex”, which is pretty much what you’d expect out of a scene with three people, only one of whom is a monster (and she’s a middle school teacher in real life. Can you imagine if your middle school teacher was spending 6 hours in makeup to be a monster on the weekends?)

The tricky part, on my end, is how to document this scene in a PG-13 way while I help out with various bits of execution. It’s a lot of angles, a lot of framing and using things as shields, and a lot of discretion. A LOT of discretion.

And, really, you haven’t lived until you’ve had a conversation about cameras with an actor who’s decided that any sort of, um, attempts at modesty weren’t really accomplishing anything. It’s distracting, you know? Eye contact is your friend.

Also today, we wrap our blood-soaked lady-in-white, Jenna D’Angelo, a real trooper of an actress. Look for her on a screen near you.


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